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The Efficiency of a Small Sales Consultancy with the Experience of Global Corporate Sales

"Steve Knapp Sales is about elevating the status of the Sales Profession, so that Sales Professionals can say proudly that they are in sales. If you elevate the culture around sales and elevate the standards of sales, you elevate the respect people have for Sales Professionals. Elevate Everywhere, that is my mission."

--Steve Knapp


The 5 Principles of Sales Excellence are tried and tested across the globe, with different cultures, business sizes and approaches.


I have intimate knowledge and experience of the challenge sales teams face, from small business all the way to corporate.


Needs based selling based upon an observational analysis. It isn't a one size fits all approach - you'll only get what need.


Business Strategy

Leadership has a genuine commitment to develop Sales Excellence .

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Sales Execution

Sales Standards are clear & consistency in Sales Execution is achieved

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Growth Management

Meaningful targets are set & the business performance is made visible.

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Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management processes are in place and effective.

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Sales Leadership

Managers spend their time on business performance and people development.

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The Blog

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