Being A Great Account Manager!

What makes a “great” Account Manager?

Have things really changed that much?

Has the role of the Account Manager changed much over the years when we consider changes in buyers behaviours, additive technology and automation of routine tasks through AI?

The answer to that question is of course yes it has.

But a better question is, has the core skills you need to be a great Account Manager changed much over time?

My answer to this questions is no and it has not as much as you would have imagined. The tactics might have changed but the things that make you great have not.

Why do I say that, well I go back to those things I did during my 30 years in B2B sales roles and match them up with the things I do today.

Consider how effective you are in these seven “Be’s”:

Be present

Be present even when there isn’t a deal on the table. If you only show up when there is a need what message are you sending. They don’t really care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.

Be real

I can tell you from my years of experience that if you are acting genuine and sincere it will show.  Business is all about relationships and authentic relationships.

Be responsive

Provide answers within a timely manner or respond within the business day because if you don’t you are showing your client that they just aren’t that important.

Be informed

It’s your job to know everything about your client.  This means reading the annual shareholder letter from the CEO, news about the company, financial health etc.

Be knowledgeable

Your job as an Account  Manager is to know your customer well enough to identify real opportunities.  This knowledge allows you to focus on qualifying each lead or prospect.

Be a storyteller

Facts tell and stories sell, have you heard this  before? The more stories we learn from our existing clients the more value we are to our clients.  People relate to and remember stories.

Be respectful

Treat your clients and customers how you want to be sold to.  If it ever feels wrong or uncomfortable your best bet is to search for an alternative way that feels good for both parties.

How effective you are in these seven areas and focusing on them will help you on your journey to become a great Account Manager.

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