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About Steve

Born and raised in the East End of London, I was brought up to value community above all else. You look after each other, and you do it with a smile.

Everyone is valued, each person brings with them a unique skill set or insight which makes any community or team stronger.

This is why I always make a strong case for everyone involved in a business being made to be aware of, and responsible for, that business' vision and goals.

Having worked in Sales my whole working life, I always felt a little inferior when declaring what I did at a dinner table. When people announced, ‘Doctor’, ‘Lawyer’, ‘Accountant’… ‘Sales' always just seemed to pale in significance.

It’s my mission to change that; not just for me, but for every Salesperson who feels that same pain. The culture in Sales really needs a shake-up, and with that, the image and reputation of the Salesperson will become Elevated Everywhere.



I’ve worked all over the world implementing techniques to improve Sales; sometimes what seems like stating the obvious to one person, is a revelation to another. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. Everything I’ve done contributed to the development of my system: the 5 Principles of Sales Excellence - the model I use for consultations and assessments. When you work with as many businesses as I have on their sales, you notice there’s common problems and solutions in every sales team, no matter where they are, how big they are or what they’re selling. The 5 Principles was created to address the issues that every sales team will encounter.

The value of what you get with me is that I've developed this system for global businesses - I know the system works across continents and cultures. So you get the all the tools that can help you to fly; but with my help, you also get the pixie dust that makes sure you get off the ground.

I specialise in going into businesses with my toolkits for improving their sales and helping the sales managers to implement them.

I want to help everyone, everywhere, elevate their sales. But as there’s only one of me, I have produced downloadable kits for each of the 5 Principles which you can use yourself so that you can implement them yourself.

Get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Imagine every employee in your company knows exactly how their job delivers profit to the bottom line & which activities they perform in their daily work to support the sales effort. Do you think you would see greater team working? Better engagement? More sales? I sure do!

-- Steve Knapp


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