Sales Execution

Are Sales standards in place & is a consistency in Sales Execution achieved?

Principle #4 covers;

Sales Behaviours - The Sales expectations drive the business results
Data Management - The processes are robust & seen as value adding by the users
Contract Management - Is in place & the performance of a contract is monitored
Customer experience - Back office processes are understood & used to drive value
Effective pre call planning -  Sales calls are prepared & documented
Sales Planning - Call Plans & Account Plans are central to planning
Customer testimonials - Are created & used to win more business
Key Account Plans - Are created with customers & Key Account Plans are regularly reviewed
Customer Value Proposition - Sales offer the full range of products & services

How Will This Help

You need your team to execute according to instructions.

But those instructions needs to be clear, they need to understand why they're doing it... and THAT means, so do you.

The toolkit below will give you the structure you need to execute your vision for your sales strategy.

Once you have the structure, communication with your team will become a lot clearer.

Luck can score you a point, but process and discipline wins you the game.” Steve Knapp. 


Pre Call Planning - WOPPA

What does it stand for?

Why, Objectives, Premise, Plan, Anticipate

What is it & what does it do?

How to create great Pre-Call Plans and have meaningful sales call objectives

Key Account Planning

What is it & what does it do?

It's the approach you take to managing key customers.

How to develop best in class Account Plans and create Key Account Teams to serve them best.


What is it & what does it do?

Post Call Reporting is essential to analysing performance on calls. Maximising the value of Post-call reporting enables better performances and results.


Will give you an overview of the Sales Execution Strategy that you need to do that drive Sales Excellence in your business. You will get an awareness of measures you can take as a sales leader to improve the culture in your business.

Toolkit Content

1 Page Summary for WOPPA & Key Account Planning


You will have access to best practices that make an impact on a company’s sales culture. You will be able to assess your organisation’s current status measured against world class sales organisations & use the tools within this Toolkit to make changes that will impact on the culture in your business.

Toolkit Content

All WOPPA & Key Account materials (* excl. eBook)

WOPPA Premium

Toolkit Content

All WOPPA materials 1 x Excellence Module

Key Account Premium

Toolkit Content

1 x Excellence Module, 1 x Exercise (Plan & Review) including Facilitator notes (Plan & Review) & 1 x What is Good Checklist (incl. self assessment)

Call Reporting Premium

Toolkit Content

1 x Excellence Module, 1 x Exercise (inc’ facilitator notes) & 1 x What is Good Checklist (incl. self assessment)


Toolkit Content

Key Account Planning 1 x Strategic Account Management Handbook

Business Strategy

Leadership has a genuine commitment to develop
Sales Excellence.

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Growth Management

Meaningful targets are set & the business performance is made visible.

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Sales Leadership

Managers spend their time on business performance and people development.

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Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management processes are in place and effective.

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